Happy Halloween, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and Baptism!

I am going to try and keep this as short as possible, since I am so far behind. I actually started writing this over a month ago and time just keeps passing by. Sorry that I am not going to go into much detail about all the fun we have been having, but hopefully the pictures capture the joy my family brings. I really have to do a better job on keeping up on this… I know, I know, I always say that!

So it has been since right before Halloween that I updated you on our family life. We have been very busy. First, let’s talk Tucker’s (or Toot-Toot as Porter calls him) growth. At his 2 month check up in November, he was 23 1/2 inches long (75-90th%) and weighed 13 pounds 8 ounces (90th%) and at his 4 month check up in January he was 25 1/4 inches long (75th%) and 17 pounds 3 ounces (90th%). He is a little shorter and a little heavier than Porter was at the same age. Porter had his 2 year check up in November and he was 38 1/4 inches tall (>95th%) and weighed 36 pounds 6 ounces (>95th%). Let’s just say, he is a big boy. I love that he got his Daddy’s height, but I hate that everyone thinks he is 4 years old. It just makes him look like a very delayed 4 year old, when really he is a very smart and athletic 2 year old!

Halloween seems like ages ago, and with Tucker being so sick right before I felt very protective of him on Halloween. Porter was The Cat in the Hat and Tucker was a banana. We didn’t go trick or treating this year since we were in the apartment, but instead went “trunk or treating”. Porter’s school has an event called Trunk or Treat on the Sunday before Halloween where people dress up and decorate their cars and hand out candy in the church parking lot. They have food, games, and bounce houses. We had fun with Jared, Jennifer, Harman and Madeleine too!

The Cat in the Hat

Top Banana!

Porter with Cousin Harman and Cousin Madeleine!

Yummy Bop!

Fun with Dad!

Playing with Mommy

Mommy's, Daddy's and Porter's Jack-O-Lanterns

On actual Halloween night, we went to our new neighbors’ house for a party. They had drinks and chili and handed out candy on the front lawn. It was nice of them to include us and fun to meet our new neighbors.

On November 13th, we took the boys to a place called the Heard Mueseum in Allen, TX. They had a Dinosaur exhibit with electronic dinosaurs that moved and roared. Porter was really into dinosaurs at the time (still is, but loves trains a little more) so it was a hit! We thought it may scare him, but no way! He loved it, and we had fun too!

Tucker loves the dinosaurs!


We celebrated Porter’s 2nd birthday in November. We had a party for him with all our family and friends at a farm about 30 miles outside of Dallas called the Gentle Zoo. It is a great place and nice to get out of the city every once in a while. We got to feed the animals, have a tractor “train” ride, play on the bounce house and play ground, and cousins Kennedy and Brayden shot the air cannons! I made barnyard animal cupcakes and we had a blast. We definitely plan to go back when Tucker is a little older and can enjoy it too.

Party Favors

Barnyard animal cupcakes

Barnyard Animal Cupcakes

Barnyard Animal Cupcakes

Party Favors

Gramma and Tucker

The Redman Family

The Bader Family

Feeding the horses with Granddad and Mommy

Granddad and Tucker

Granddad, Gramma and Tucker

Tucker and Mimi

All Aboard!

Tractor "Train" Ride

Sam and Bret

Harman and Uncle Jared

Tyler, Brayden, Gamma and Kennedy

cake time

Make a Wish!

Aunt Annie (Ee-ee) and Uncle Jimmie

Annie and Natalie

With our Birthday Boy!

Uncle Evan

Brayden and Kennedy shooting the air cannons

Climbing wall in bounce house

Harman and Tyler


Poppy and Tucker

Uncle Jimmie

Aunt Annie

Cousins Brayden and Kennedy with their "hobo sacks" party favors

We also had a little celebration playdate with Porter’s friends from school.

On Porter’s actual birthday we opened presents at home before heading to Houston for Thanksgiving with my parents and brothers. Porter had fun with Uncle Grant!

Opening presents at home the morning of Porter's birthday

New Thomas train

Opening presents at home

New Trampoline!

More cake, more wishes!

Family photo

Playing in the rain

Playing in the rain with Dada

Uncle Grant and Porter

On December 3rd, we went to see Yo Gabba Gabba in concert. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a show on Nick Jr. Not only does Porter love it, but I do too. (Not to mention that I think Zach secretly likes them too!) The weather was very rainy that night and we were running late, but we made it just in the nick of time and had a blast!


Tucker is not sure what to think of this...

Like last year, we went to North Park Center to see the giant model trains. Unlike last year, we decided to for-go waiting to see Santa. Porter was terrified last year and we didn’t have the energy to do it this year. Porter is really in to trains right now, so he really enjoyed watching them. Hopefully Tucker will enjoy them next year.

So fun...

Bye Bye Trains.... he did not want to leave!

Bye Bye Trains.... he did not want to leave!

Jared and Jennifer hosted a pre-Christmas lunch at their home in order for us to get together and have the kids open presents. It was fun having the cousins all together.

Opening Presents

Jimmie and Andrea

Playing with Uncle Jimmie

Tucker watching the action



Sweet baby

Mimi and Tucker

Porter and Tucker with Mimi

Porter having fun with cousin Harman

Mimi and her Great Grandchildren

Mimi and her Great Grandchildren!

One of my favorite traditions at Christmas time is driving around and looking at Christmas lights.

Wrong seat Porter!

Christmas jammies on!

Ready to go

Looking at pretty lights

Having Fun!

Another favorite Christmas tradition is making cookies…

Tucker hanging out

Chef Porter

Christmas was in Longview this year with Mimi and Papa John. We had a wonderful time with them and having them spend time with the boys was fun! Jimmie, Andrea and Brayden were there too. Porter loves his Uncle Jimmie and Aunt Ee-ee, and absolutely had a ball with Brayden (no pun intended… See pictures).

Driving to Longview on Christmas Eve day


Porter had a runny nose, but seemed to want to put the kleenex in his mouth instead.

Gaga meets Tucker

Andrea and Brayden

Time to open presents on Christmas Eve


Some of Porter's presents

Brayden's UT garb!

Gaga (Dianne's Mom), Andrea. Jimmie and Drake (Dianne's Grandson) opening presents on Christmas Eve.

Dinosaur from Aunt Annie and Uncle Jimmie

Leaving food for the reindeer... in the rain.

After feeding the reindeer, Porter decided to jump in a big puddle. We had to put his pants in the dryer, hence the diaper bottom in the next pictures!

Playing outside with Papa John

Outside with Papa John

Brayden and Porter Christmas Morning

Brian and Kelley had their annual New Year’s Party. It was so fun seeing all the kids together. It is just crazy how different our parties are now compared to a few years ago…. A very good different!

Handsome boy, ready to party!

Jackson, Tyler, Porter and Mackenzie playing

Phew, taking a break from all the fun!

Alex dancing with Reese

Tiffany and Jessica

Mike, Brian, Kelley, Kristen, Jeff and Brad

Tucker and Tyler

Furr and Meghan

The Whites and Reese Kriete


Michael Furr, Me, Porter and Tyler

Brotherly love

Tyler and Porter

Porter doesn't like it when we all yell "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!"

The Krietes

The Stanleys

The Host and Hostess!


Porter is not having any part of this!

Not a happy camper!

Fighting to stay awake!

Long Night!

And finally, Tucker was baptized on January 14th. We asked Brian and Kelley Christian and Jared and Jennifer Pope to be his God Parents, like they are for Porter. This time Jennifer and Brian stood up with us. It was a very special day with our families all together. Brian and Kelley graciously had everyone over to their beautiful home afterwards for a little party, since our apartment was not ideal for so many people.

Polly waiting for Jared and Harman to feed her! PLEASE!!!

And here are some fun pictures that we have taken over the last few months, prior to moving. You can see we have a lot of fun with our silly Porter and sweet Tucker!

No pants and rain boots! (Taken Nov. 11, 2011)

Porter always wants to be near his baby brother (Taken Nov. 18, 2011)

Porter always wants to be near his baby brother (Taken Nov. 18, 2011)

Cowboy hat and rain boots (Taken Nov. 26, 2011)

Porter trying to play with his brother (Taken Nov. 30, 2011)

Wearing his winter hat... inside (Taken Dec. 7, 2011)

Jumping on the trampoline, with his bottom hanging out... He kept pulling his pants down. (Taken Dec. 7, 2011)

and emptying his ball box...

Hanging out in his bumbo seat (Taken Dec. 19, 2011)

Cool garage for my cars from Gramma for Christmas! (Taken Dec. 20, 2011)

Hanging out while Gramma was here (Taken Dec. 20, 2011)

I think Porter may be a little big for Tucker's seat (Taken Dec. 21, 2011)

Are you noticing a theme? (Taken Dec. 22, 2011)

Waggin' his tail

My boys! Pure Joy! (Taken Dec. 26, 2011)

Porter holding Tucker (Taken Dec. 29, 2011)

Worn out from playing with brother

Precious Boy

Playtime (Taken January 2, 2012)

Dada and his boys... nice hair honey 🙂 (Taken Jan. 7, 2012)

Super Heros! (Taken Jan. 7, 2012)

McElroy Twins' birthday party at The Little Gym. Hanging with Tyler... he is 4 and Porter is 2. (Taken Jan. 7, 2012)

First solid food... Rice Cereal. (Taken Jan. 22, 2012)


"What is going on?"

Messy Face

So there you have it… The boys have been sick on and off for weeks with sinus infections, ear infections and colds. They can’t seem to shake it. Other than that, we have been mostly focused on the house, ordering furniture, and getting moved, which we did a litte over a month ago. We are so happy to be in our new home. It was stressful trying to get settled, but our families have really helped out. My mom came and watched the boys while the movers were here and was a huge help getting things organized. Sharon and Richard helped out, as well as Jimmie and Andrea. We are so thankful to them all. It is so great having so much family around for helping and for playing!

We are all so much happier now that we are out of the apartment, but I really think Porter was affected the most. He is so much happier to have his own space. He has lots of room and a backyard to run some of his energy off. His language is really blossoming too. He is talking all the time and tries to say new words. Potty training is next on our agenda… But I will wait for summer. I will try to update soon on all that has been going on since Tucker’s baptism. We had our St. Patty’s Day party, family and friends over to visit, first trip to the Dallas Zoo, Easter, Zach’s confirmation, Tucker is sitting up and starting to crawl, and this weekend we are going to ride on Thomas the Train! Check back for pictures!


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We Have a House

No matter where I live, as long as I have my 3 boys, I have a home. But it will sure be nice to have a house! I have a lot of catching up to do on our family life, but many people have been asking about the progress on our house. I will post another update with all that has been going on, but first… The house!

We closed on the house on July 20. We leased back to the sellers for a couple of weeks and then started demo on the house on August 15. We then had a little bit of a delay while getting permits, having inspections, etc. This has been somewhat stressful, but I find the whole building process very interesting. I wish I had more time to devote solely to the house, but 2 little boys are my main priority! It has been overwhelming at times, but in all we are very pleased with our selections, our builder and how it has turned out so far. We are hoping to move in by the end of February. So without further delay, I present to you the house…

These were taken on August 2, 2011 before demolition.


Living/Diningroom (and Porter:) )


Family Room





These were taken on September 24, 2011 after demolition had begun.



Inside from the front door.

View of backyard from house

Back of house

Back of the house

Initially we were going to keep most of the outside walls and add a little foundation to the footprint and go straight up… but a few days later on September 29, I drove by the house to find this….

Where are the walls?


Needless to say, I called Zach immediately to inform him, “our house is gone!” He spoke with our builder and it was determined that it was going to be easier to tear down the walls and rebuild. It makes sense now, but you have to imagine my initial shock!

So basically we are now building a whole new house. We kept the garage, but put new siding and roof on it and flipped the garage door for alley entry. We also kept most of the foundation and the original hardwoods. We just incorporated new hardwood in with the old.

It seemed like we were stuck at this phase for a while due to permits and foundation inspections. Once those were completed, things really rolled along.

These were taken on November 6, 2011.

Yay, we have walls!

Daddy and Porter heading upstairs.

Up, up, up...

Guest Bedroom Suite


Looking from the foyer into the family room and kitchen area.

Looking through the foyer and out the front door.

Porter playing in his room.

Porter's room

Porter already playing in the playroom!


Porter and Daddy looking out the master bedroom windows.

Taken in Tucker's room

View from Master bedroom down into the garage and backyard.

Heading home...

These next pictures were taken on December 22, 2011. It now looks like a house!

Brick is on. It will be painted later.

Taken from the kitchen looking into the familyroom.

View into the front door. Stairs are going in!

The next pictures were taken on January 1, 2012. The trim was going in and the cabinets were installed.

Porter Pants!


Family room

Taken from the family room of the wet/wine bar.

Taken from the family room of the kitchen.

Taken from the butler's pantry looking into the diningroom and front door.

Guest Bedroom Suite

Foyer and Diningroom

January 21, 2012. Walls, cabinets and trim painted, tile and countertops are being installed!



Living room


Wet/wine bar

Butler's pantry and diningroom

Diningroom and front door

Dentil molding in diningroom... they still need to paint between the "teeth"

Taken from diningroom, through the butler's pantry, through the kitchen, through the mudroom and out the back door!

Taken from the diningroom looking at stairs

Guest bedroom

Guest bathroom

Guest bathroom tile

View from front door



Porter's bathroom

Porter's bedroom

Laundry room (there will be a mini fridge and a wrapping station in there!)

Laundry room

Tucker's bedroom

Tucker's sink area taken from his bedroom.

Tucker's bathroom

Upstairs landing. View of the office on the left and playroom on the right.

Playroom... there will be chalkboard paint in the frame on the small wall.

Built-ins in the playroom

Hallway to the master bedroom

Master bedroom

Doors to master bathroom

Master bedroom

Master bath (that is the tub in the middle of the room)

Master shower

Master closet mirror (The piece leaning against the wall is for the tub deck)

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! (He likes to hear his echo)


So, there are all the pictures I have. I was at the house this morning and forgot my camera. The tile is all finished, the outside is painted, decorative lighting is in, cabinet hardware is on, door knobs on, appliances in, and faucets installed. We can see the finish line and hope to be in by the end of February. I can’t wait to start making wonderful memories in our home! Check back in a few days and I will post and update of all our goings on and family fun!


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Tucker’s Not-So-Boring Life

Tucker Sims Pope was born on September 3 at 3:00 PM. (Sims was Zach’s Paw Paw’s last name) He weighed 8 lbs 10 ounces and was 20 inches long. He has already experienced so much in his short life. A week after he was born he attended Jimmie and Andrea’s wedding festivities and the wedding itself. At two weeks we were in a car accident. At 3 weeks he attended his Great Grandmother’s 90th birthday party and a 1-year-old birthday party. At 5 weeks he went to his first TX/OU party. At 6 weeks he went to his first SMU game and had his first trip to the ER and was admitted to the hospital to treat a high fever due to viral meningitis. Needless to say, we have been very busy, hence the delay in introducing our sweet new son. Porter has also had a lot of adjusting. He started going to “school” on Sept. 6th, right after we brought home his baby brother. He has adjusted pretty well, with a few jealous moments here and there. He absolutely LOVES school and runs down the hall to his classroom each morning. The teacher in me wants to tell him “no running in the halls”, but I just love seeing him so excited about school!

So let’s go back to Tucker’s arrival and give a proper introduction!

Epideral?.... check!


Mommy meets Tucker... love at first sight!

Dr. Weprin with Tucker and Me


Visiting with Mommy and waiting to meet Baby Tucker!

Tucker meets Gamma

Tucker meets his Big Brother Porter!

Tucker meets Brian, Kelley and Elliot

Elliot saying "Hi"

Tucker meets Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Jared and cousins Harman and Madeleine

Tucker meets Grandma

"Little Brother Tucker" matches "Big Brother Porter"

Going Home!

So the first day home from the hospital was also Porter’s first day of “school” on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Let’s just say it was a horrible day to say the least. Zach had a meeting at work, which left me to take Porter on his first day. Thankfully my mom was here to watch Tucker because I was a mess. We were running late, Porter was not being very cooperative and I was a hormonal basket case. When I left Porter in his classroom, he was crying and because we were running late and his teacher wanted to start the day, she wanted all the parents to leave… I didn’t really get to say bye to Porter and I burst into tears. I was hysterical! I cried in the hallway, I cried in the parking lot, I cried in the car, I cried on the phone with Zach, I cried all the way home, I cried when I got home… you get the point. Needless to say, Daddy took Porter to school the next couple of days. I just couldn’t handle it.

Off to school and not wanting his picture taken (and a little water on his shirt from trying to comb his hair)

Trying to get an uncooperative Porter to take a picture.

Here is Tucker’s first bath!

All Clean

That first week home from the hospital was very hard on all of us. We had lots of parties and activities for Jimmie and Andrea’s wedding since I was a bridesmaid and Zach was the best man. We were both exhausted and I was in a lot of pain and crying at the drop of a hat. Porter was trying to adjust to “sharing” his mom and dad and starting school. Luckily my Mom and Dad were in town for the wedding and could watch the boys when needed, but it was still a hard week…. to top it off our air conditioner went out. We are so honored and glad to have been such a big part of their big day though, and would do it again in a heartbeat! After the wedding, things calmed down a bit and we enjoyed some down time as a family.

Porter snuggling up to his new brother



2 Sleepy heads

As I mentioned earlier, we were in a car accident when Tucker was 2 weeks old. I was taking Porter to school on September 20th and had both Porter and Tucker in the car with me. I went to turn and a car hit me going the wrong way. Evidently the driver had a seizure and her foot was on the gas. She was going about 70-80 mph on a city street when we turned into her path. Her car went spinning and skidding about 100 yards. Thankfully no one was hurt and the driver had her license taken away until she is cleared by a doctor. Our car is so safe and heavy, it barely budged on impact…Tucker slept through the whole thing. We did take the boys to the pediatrician just to be safe, but they were both fine. I was very shaken up but since I didn’t see it coming, I didn’t tense up and so I had no soreness the next day. It did take 6 weeks to get my car fixed though.

On September 24th, we headed to Granbury for Zach’s Mimi’s 90th birthday party. We didn’t take any pictures because we were pretty busy with the 2 boys, but boy was Mimi surprised to see so many of her friends and family! Porter had fun after the party at Mimi’s house. He got to play with his cousins and Zach’s cousin’s children.

Porter swinging with his cousins Brayden and Kennedy

Porter playing legos with Kristen (Zach's cousin Michelle's daughter)

On October 8th, Callie and Tiffany had their annual TX/OU party at the Kriete’s house. We had a great time with friends and Porter loved playing with all the kids, and boy were there a lot of kids!

My Boys...

Kristen and Baby Luke and Kelley and Baby Elliot

Brian and Baby Reese

Alex and Kiley with Andrea and Jimmie in the background

Brayden, Jessica and Kaitlyn

Cory and Baby Lexi

Alli, Ben and Baby Stella

Brad, Eric and Brian

Fisher, Callie, Jason, Brad and Jolene

Baby Tucker

Kelley, Brian and Baby Elliot

Tiffany and Baby Reese


Lots of Babies

Alex playing pool

Aunt Annie and Zach

Uncle Jimmie playing pool

Porter loved Tyler's Thomas Train!

Tiffany and Callie

Tyler and Porter

On October 14th, we met our friends Sam and Margaret and her new baby, Ben at the Arboretum. Porter wasn’t feeling very well and was having a hard day. I think he was sick and had the virus that eventually sent Tucker to the hospital. I guess we will never know for sure. At least I was able to capture a few nice pictures.

This is the view I had of Porter most of the afternoon...

Having lunch with Sam

We are proud season ticket holders of the SMU Mustangs! On October 15th we went to the SMU football game. Porter loved watching the game with Daddy. It was pretty hot and our seats were in the sun, so Tucker, Porter and I left at half time. We won! GO PONIES!

On Monday, October 18th Tucker was sleeping more than usual. We went to the Little Gym for Porter’s class and he slept the whole time. We also went to the pediatrician to have Porter checked out because he still had a cough and I wanted to make sure he didn’t have an ear infection. Porter was fine and Tucker slept the whole time at the doctor too. I didn’t think much of it since we had such a busy weekend with Zach’s birthday and the football game, I just thought he was tired. As the day went on, he seemed to be more agitated when I would move him and would cry when I picked him up. He is not a big crier so I thought it was unusual. That night after Porter went to sleep I was holding Tucker while watching TV and thought he felt hot. We took his temperature and it was 102.8 so we called his pediatrician. She was worried it could be meningitis and wanted us to take him straight to the ER. I took Tucker to Children’s Medical Center and Zach stayed home with Porter. After waiting for about an hour we were seen by a doctor. They were concerned with Tucker’s skin coloring and that his fever was so high and not really responding to Tylenol. They recommended that we take urine and blood samples, have a chest X-ray and a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to draw spinal fluid. They needed to test the spinal fluid for viral and bacterial meningitis. They said the bacteria would have to grow for 24-36 hours in order to know if it was bacterial meningitis and they would start him on antibiotics immediately as a precaution. We prayed that he didn’t have bacterial meningitis, because it is much more serious than viral. He was admitted into the hospital and we had to wait and see. In the meantime he was given IV fluids and antibiotics. All his tests came back OK, except he had enterovirus in the spinal fluid sample, which indicated he had viral meningitis. There is nothing they can do to treat it except to keep him hydrated with fluids and treat his fever with Tylenol. His body had to fight it on its own. It was a long few days, but he was finally able to come home on Thursday morning! The doctors suspect Porter had the virus, but since he has had his vaccines and has a stronger immune system his symptoms were minimal. Tucker is all better now and we are so thankful that it wasn’t more serious. He is a tough little guy!

Worn out mommy with her sweet pea

Being a little shy

Porter loves his baby brother and is glad he is back home

As you can see, it has been a very eventful 2 months. On top of that, our new house is really coming along and we are finally seeing progress. I will post pictures next time. Life has slowed down a bit, but with Porter’s 2nd birthday and the holidays ahead, we know it won’t last long. Tomorrow is Halloween and Porter is going to be the Cat in the Hat and Tucker is going to be a banana. Porter has been wearing his hat around the house for a couple of weeks now. Here is a sneak peek. I will post more pictures in the next entry!

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We are moved out of our house and settled into our apartment. The apartment is very nice, but it isn’t home. It is also 3 stories which is not easy for an 8 1/2 month pregnant woman especially when I have to carry a 35 pound toddler. We found and bought a small home and are in the process of gutting, remodelling and expanding it. We are taking a 1550 square foot house and making it about 3450 square feet… It will basically look like a completely different home once we are finished with it. Our builder says it will probably take about 5-6 months so it looks like we will be here until after the new year. I still cry when I drive by our old home, but hopefully I won’t be as sad once we have a new house to call home.

I am 5 weeks away from my due date and VERY ready! This summer has been unbearably hot with 35 straight days over 100 degrees. It was 113 just last week. I am also much larger with this pregnancy than with Porter, so I am extremely uncomfortable. It is getting impossible to chase after and/or pick Porter up. Porter came 3 weeks early, so hopefully this little guy will bless us with his presence early too, especially with my bridesmaid duty in Jimmie and Andrea’s wedding the day before my due date.

We have been trying to keep very busy since the days seem to drag on and with no backyard, Porter gets extremely bored. We spend a lot of time with my friend Margaret and her little boy, Sam. We have been doing lots of swimming. Porter loves the pool. We completed a 2 week Mommy and Me swim class too. We also still go to the Little Gym which Porter still enjoys. We also found a city rec center that has open gym every weekday from 10-11:15 for pre-schoolers. Porter is in heaven at this place! It has bounce houses, trampolines, balls, balance beams and so much more. He runs himself ragged every time we go!

Porter had a difficult time during our relocation. Not sure if it is all the changes going on with the new baby, new house, etc., or if he is just at a difficult age. Probably a little of both. He seems to have settled down a bit, but still has his crazy moments. It scares me knowing he needs so much attention right now and we are about to throw another baby in the mix. He starts pre-school on September 6th. He will be going Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-3. I think he will love school and hopefully he wont feel like we are replacing him. He loves playing with other kids so I really feel it will be a positive experience for him. I am so excited to bring a little brother into his life, but I am also sad that it won’t be just the two of us anymore. We have so much fun together and I just love him so much… he is my little snuggle bunny. I know most Moms feel they can’t possibly love another baby as much as they love their first, but they all tell me it just happens. That it is just double the love. I have to trust these “experts”. I know Porter will just love having a built-in playmate.

Here are some pictures from the past 5 months. I have completely dropped the ball on updating this blog. We will go back to April where my last blog left off, at Easter.

We went to Zach’s Mom and Stepdad’s house for Easter in Granbury, Texas. Porter still didn’t understand the whole Easter Egg Hunt, but we gave it a try.

Dying Easter Eggs at home

Not finished yet

The Easter Bunny Was Here!

Hunting for eggs... sort of

The toys from the Easter Bunny are more fun!

Mommy trying to show him how to hunt for eggs

Porter loves to be outside and the beginning of the summer was a little more bearable than now. Some of his favorite things to do outside, especially in his beloved backyard, are playing in water, riding in his buggy and playing golf. Here are some pictures from May enjoying his favorite pastimes! Did I mention he loved his backyard???

Water Golf Part 1 on May 9th

Porter at his friend Brayden's "riding toy" Birthday Party on May 28th

Water Golf in backyard part 2 on May 29, 2011


Taking a little break

Ooooo, Charlie Cat

Loves his kitties!

So proud of himself

On June 4th, we had so much fun at cousin Harman’s 3rd Birthday party at the park. We ended the day with a nice dinner at Jared and Jennifer’s house, where Porter and Harman played together.